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11 Best Razors for Men in 2020 Reviewed

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There’s no reason to live with ingrown hairs or razor bumps from shaving, and using one of the best razors for men is just about the best thing you could do to banish irritated skin forever. Of course, if you’re experiencing irritation, you might need to change something about your approach—either by overhauling your shaving regimen or revisiting the rules of razor hygiene.

But if you’ve already done that, the tool you’re using is likely to blame. So we’ve tested all the best razors for men, and the ones below are our favorites. When paired with proper skincare and a sharp blade, all of these razors will deliver a consistent baby-smooth shave.

So whether you’ve got sensitive skin and opt for an old-school safety razor, or you prefer the carefully weighted high-tech multi-blade razors from brands like Harry’s, Gillette, and Schick, we’ve got a pick for you.

The Best Men’s Razor

Harry’s “Winston” razor



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Our longstanding favorite in this field, Harry’s Winston razor has that “bounce” you look for in the best razor for a close shave: It’s weighted perfectly to give you the right amount of pressure, glide, and precision that you need. It’s also one of our favorite designs too, with the sleek aluminum body and matching silver grip. Last but not least, is the efficiency of Harry’s razor-replenishment service— these 5-blade Swedish-steel heads come to your door for less than $2 per piece.

The Best Single-Blade Razor

Supply single-edge safety razor

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The Shark Tank -backed Supply uses a nifty sliding installer to load single bare-metal blades straight into its sleek metal frame. Many new safety-blade shavers don’t love handling a bare blade—Supply’s razor takes care of that. Consider it driving automatic compared to the manual-transmission double-blade shave from more traditional razors. You still get a close, smooth shave from a simple single-blade design, but without the fuss.

The Best Gillette Razor

Gillette sensitive skin razor

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We all want peace and harmony between blade and skin. Gillette’s Skinguard razor and blades are the solution, since they are designed to lubricate the skin and precisely modulate the blade’s pressure. The dual-blade razor doesn’t shave quite as closely as, say, a 5-blade cartridge, but that should be music to the ears of anyone with sensitive skin.

The Most Innovative Razor

Leaf Shave safety + cartridge hybrid razor

Leaf Shave


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The new razor from Leaf combines much of what we love about cartridge razors—multiple blades, a pivoting head—and combines those virtues with sharp, inexpensive safety blades. The Leaf lets you decide how many blades to stack. A single blade is a lot like a traditional safety razor that happens to pivot, but stack three and you’ve got a serious close shave razor—not for the faint of heart. This is one of the more exciting new shaving products in a long time.

The Best Cartridge Razor

Schick’s Hydro5 series deploys a soothing gel as you shave, which comes in three varieties: a cooling menthol, hydrating coconut oil, or a formulation for sensitive skin with herbal extracts. They all use five blades to give you a smooth, steady, shock-absorbant shave, includes a single blade mode for spot-checks and detailing, and refills will always be available at your closest drugstore.

The Best Razor For Sensitive Skin

If you’re prone to shaving bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritation, then you should consider the switch to a safety razor. Bevel’s safety razor is weighted perfectly to give you a smooth, single-blade shave that won’t ravage your skin. There’s a learning curve, but if you master it, this razor will be the most comfortable way to get cleaned up. It’s a cost effective way to shave, too: Safety blades are much cheaper to replace than cartridge heads.

The Best Heated Razor

GilletteLabs heated razor



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Gillette’s product innovation team recently launched this heated razor, in a successful effort to emulate the classic hot-towel shave. It does more than just feel good: the heat helps open the pores for a smooth, irritation-free shave. It’s powered by a rechargeable warming bar and has a flex-disc head that rotates with the contours of your face.

The Best Simple Razor

Dollar Shave Club twin-blade “Humble Twin” razor

Dollar Shave Club


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If a big stack of sharp blades is not your speed, then you may consider switching to an option with fewer blades. Dollar Shave Club has this excellent 2-blade head, the “Humble Twin,” that accomplishes a close shave with more than half the drag and potential havoc that other cartridge blades. Your first order comes with a reusable handle for each pack of 5 blades that you receive monthly for just $4.

The Best Disposable Razor

Do you shave infrequently enough to mess with high-tech setups or subscription services? Or, do you shave so frequently that you often run out of replacement blades? In either case, it’s wise to have some disposable razors at the ready. BIC’s pivot-head, aloe-strip blades are especially sharp on first use, and an 8-pack will only set you back $12.

The Best Razor for Guys With Beards

Maybe you prefer some scruff, or a full beard, but you still need to clean up the perimeter. And maybe the standard-fare cartridge blades just aren’t cutting it given the way they obscure your mustache and beard border. That’s where these Trim vertical blades come in handy: They work a lot more like a straight-razor shave from the barber to help you shave clean lines where you need them.

The Best Electric Razor

Philips Norelco electric shaver and trimmer

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We love a multitasking grooming product, and Philips Norelco’s OneBlade trimmer-shaver can handle just about every hair-taming task you assign. Be it facial hair or body hair, it can trim, shave, or detail as you need, wet or dry, and has interchangeable blades for every use; it even comes with a skin guard for those more precious, sensitive spots. It’s rechargeable and gives up to an hour of use with each full battery.

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