24 Euphoric Hours in L.A. With Barbie Ferreira

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On Euphoria, Barbie Ferreira navigates the ups and downs of her character Kat’s high drama teenage life, but in her day to day, the actress and model prefers to keep things chill. 24 hours in the life of the rising star are surprisingly down to earth; no paparazzi strolls or wild escapades, just time spent enjoying the accomplishments of adulthood. “It’s a very typical Tuesday,” says Ferreira as she prepares her morning cup of coffee. “We’re going to get some food at the grocery store. I’m going to see my house, which is being renovated, and probably go on a little hike—it’ll be fun.” 

Of course, Ferreira isn’t your typical 23-year-old. A Gen-Z household name thanks to topical roles on Euphoria and Unpregnant, she’s already hitting the kinds of significant milestones most people don’t reach until their 30s and 40s, including homeownership. “This is a very big step for me,” says Ferreira. “I feel very adult, and I will never stop talking about how adult I feel.” Walking through the construction site where your new digs will be and plotting out all the details is decidedly grown-up, but Ferreira doesn’t take herself too seriously. “I love camp, so everything is a little campy,” she says of her decor plans. “My bathroom is going to be kind of a spa [and] downstairs we’re doing a kind of ’70s groovy thing for the TV den and the backroom. I love fun furniture, so this is going to be fun for me to decorate!” 

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