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25 Editor-Approved Beauty Products I Always Buy on Amazon

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Over the years, I’ve tried out hundreds of beauty products. As an editor, many land on my desk when new launches are released, while I seek out others on my own if they’re recommended by trusted friends in the fashion and beauty industries. Many inevitably don’t live up to the promises printed on the bottle—no, there are few things that are actually going to make me look five years younger.

However, there are also products that live up to their claims, and they quickly earn a permanent place in my beauty routine. Of the many products I’ve tested, the 25 ahead have earned my editor stamp of approval—and you can order each of them straight from Amazon. From products for sensitive skin to my favorite candle to the affordable makeup remover I’ve been using for years, these are products I always recommend to my friends. Go on to see why these 25 beauty products are on my must-buy list.

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