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25 Instagram-Famous Beauty Products That Are Actually Worth the Hype

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In times like these, keeping on top of what’s new in beauty can seem a little bit tricky. All of the big advertising campaigns that we usually rely on to keep us in the loop are on hold, and new products seem to be trickling onto online retailers almost silently. And if I’m finding it tricky as a beauty editor, I think it’s safe to assume everyone else is struggling too. It makes sense, therefore, that now more so than ever, we’re turning to Instagram to get our beauty news and do our browsing.  

So while I am all for utilising the likes of Instagram to discover new beauty treasures, I am also very aware of the pitfalls of doing so. You see, while Instagram is a great way to gather valuable first-hand reviews of products, it does also tend to champion the prettier, more aesthetically pleasing ones—and we all know that pretty doesn’t always equal good.

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