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28 Outfits That Make Basics Look Interesting

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Minimalism is really having its moment this season. Thanks to The Row and Bottega Veneta, the pared-back approach to dressing has really taken hold in 2020. However, and perhaps this is more of a personal problem, is that I always struggle to keep this aesthetic looking interesting. Sure, I can dabble with a white-shirt–and–black-trousers combo, but I can end up looking a bit like a waitress.

The thing is, I’m not a die-hard minimalist, so I haven’t honed the skills needed to really understand what it takes to make basics look super cool. And right now, with plenty of us working from home, basics are a must. So how do those who favour the above style keep it looking interesting when working from home? I spoke to four of my favourite minimalist Instagrammers and they all told me their secrets. Keep scrolling for 28 outfits that make basics look interesting, plus some great tips that will make you want to go minimalist full-time. 

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