3 textile group of industries bag ‘Superbrands’ award

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“Superbrands Bangladesh”, a global arbitrator for brands for the current situation, was released on Thursday, 19 November 2020-21 through a grand virtual awards ceremony. Salman Fazlur Rahman, MP and Advisor to the Prime Minister, Private Sector and Investment, was the Chief Guest of the ceremony.

Figure 1: Name of 3 textile groups of industries won the Superbrands of Bangladesh Award 2020-21.

Superbrands honored a total of 40 well-known brands in Bangladesh. The awards ceremony honored 3 of the top textile group industries DBL Group, Epyllion Group and  Pride Ltd as well as 37 of the most prestigious and valuable brands. Addressing the program, Salman Fazlur Rahman said, “This is a recognition that reflects the hard work of all employees.”

Participation in superbrands is by invitation only and in their case is given to the most outstanding brand. Superbrands are selected through a process that involves individual and voluntary panels of experts from different backgrounds known as “Brand Councils”.

Figure 2: A brief on ‘Superbrands.’

Shariful Islam, Managing Director, Superbrands Bangladesh, said, “Over time, a quality brand that is delivered from both product and service perspectives builds confidence. A trust built over a continuous period builds a superbrand.”

Nazia Andaleeb Preema, Director and Creative Editor of “Bangladesh Brands Forum” has designed a cover for Superbrands Bangladesh 2020-21 publication called “Visual Dialogue” which shares the story of each superbrand in Bangladesh.

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