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30 Perfect Autumn Wedding-Guest Dresses That Will Sell Out Before You Know It

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I belong to a family of planners. Out comes a fresh Google Doc in October for our Christmas dinner. I wish I was joking. However, it has been handy, as I’ve been able to extend this type of conscientiousness to my wardrobe—especially for events. Right now, other than fashion week in September, I have a wedding in November that I need an outfit for. That’s only a mere three months to decide what I’m going to wear.

But I won’t be the only one with a wedding-guest outfit to decide upon⁠—September is one of the biggest months for weddings, and more couples are choosing the less-popular months in order to save money, so it’s fair to assume that you’ll have some dress decisions to make soon too. Also, bonus tip: If you buy your outfit now, chances are by the time the wedding comes around, no one else will be wearing the same.

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