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35 High-Street Pieces That Are Destined for Cult Status

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Knowing what to buy can be difficult. With hundreds of brands each offering up hundreds of new-in pieces—often on a weekly basis—deciding what to invest in can be daunting at best. That, however, is where we come in.

It’s the Who What Wear UK team’s job to scour the web and stores to find the very best pieces on offer—it’s a role we take seriously and also reflects what we ourselves choose to buy. The same goes for our influencer friends. With gifts arriving on their doorsteps in droves, it makes the pieces they decide to spend their money on all the more special. As such, we decided to share the pieces we’re currently coveting with you to give you an insight into what we—the people who look at clothes for a living—have on our wish lists.

Although there are plenty of designer treats we’ve got our eye on, we’re all in agreement that the high-street is looking pretty exceptional right now. So we decided to share with you, dear readers, our high-street shopping hit lists.

I asked fellow members of the Who What Wear UK team, as well as some of my favourite influencers, to tell me the five pieces they intend on buying from the high street. As well as my own picks, you’ll find their items below.

Our personal styles couldn’t be more different, but there are common traits woven between our edits. For one, the colour palette remains largely neutral. Shearling trims also evident throughout, as is fringed hemming. The proof, they say, is in the punch; so keep scrolling to see seven fashion girls’ high-street wish lists for autumn 2019.

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