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39 Best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2020: Men’s Clothing and Watches to Boost Your Fall Wardrobe

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At long last, the best Amazon Prime Day deals 2020 has to offer have arrived. Yes, the one true heir to Valentine’s Day’s cynically capitalist fake-holiday throne is upon us. And while most of your frenzied, Bezos-incepted impulse spending will likely be correctly directed towards the best tech deals, we would implore you to save some room in your cart for a wardrobe-boosting bargain or two. Because while Amazon isn’t quite a menswear mecca, it is a good place to stock up on handy, foundational basics at preposterously low prices. That goes double on Prime Day, when already guilt-free-priced staples like hoodies and jeans suddenly cost less than that unpronounceable espresso drink you order every morning. So, sure, buy a new huge television, some headphones, and a travel-size Instant Pot (surely one exists by now), but don’t sleep on these infallible Prime Day 2020 clothing deals. 

At the time this post was published, all items were available and on sale.

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