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48 Face Masks to Buy From Brands That Are Giving Back

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As more and more cities across the U.S. are recommending wearing cloth face masks when going out in public due to the coronavirus pandemic, more and more fashion brands are stepping up, using their resources to make as many masks as they possibly can to keep up with demand from both essential workers and the general public. Unlike the boxes of disposable masks that are sold out everywhere, these cloth masks are machine-washable and actually quite stylish. And while they may not be as cheap as the disposable ones, they’re certainly more sustainable, and almost every brand we’ve come across is also making donations of masks to healthcare and other essential workers, so you can rest assured that you’re doing good while protecting yourself and others.

To make your search for masks a little less frustrating, below, we compiled 48 brands that are selling them while also giving back. As expected, many brands are overwhelmed with orders, but they’re working as fast as they can to fulfill orders while keeping their employees safe. (I have placed a couple of orders for masks and both shipped more quickly than I thought they would.)

Keep scrolling to shop stylish masks from fashion brands that are donating to stop the spread.

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