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5 Anti-Ageing Facial Massage Techniques You Can Do at Home

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Chances are, at some point over the past few months, you’ve looked into giving yourself a spa-level facial at home. And while nothing beats the feeling of a good, deep cleanse with a luxe, dreamy-smelling cleansing balm, if you really want to reap the benefits of a great at-home facial, you need to know the moves. That’s right—you know those crazy hand movements and massage techniques that facialists carry out while you’re either fighting off sleep or flitting in and out of states of relaxed consciousness? Yep, they’re super important if you want to see drastic anti-ageing results over time.

“It’s often news to people that over 40 muscles make up the scaffolding of our face,” says Inge Theron, Founder of FaceGym. “Just like the muscles in the body, the more you move them, the more lifted, tightened and toned they become. Facial muscle stimulation keeps muscles firm, skin tint and stimulates the most important protein for keeping the face looking young, collagen,” she adds. In practical terms, using specific facial massage techniques is thought to help sculpt and lift certain areas of the face for a more youthful complexion. And the good news is that you can carry out the techniques at home on yourself. In fact, the more often you do it, the more impressive the results will be. Keep scrolling for best facial massage techniques for every problem area, according to the experts.

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