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5 Easy Trench Coat-and-Loafer Outfits I’ll Live In This Spring

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The word “staple” means different things to different people. Depending on your aesthetic, your wardrobe staples might consist of bright printed dresses, embellished bags and high heels. For others, staples take the form of simple t-shirts, leather jackets, and trainers. There’s no right or wrong—such is the beauty of fashion! However, if you were to ask me what I consider my style staples to be, I’d always say trench coats and loafers.

I try not to double up on items, but suffice it to say that trench coats and loafers are my weakness. I have a handful of trench coats in different colours and fabrications—leather, wool, and cotton in black, beige and grey—and, when I think about it, I probably have a loafer for each. Chunky, backless, horsebit-adorned—they’re the shoe I wear most regularly, and I like having a few to interchange with different outfits. Both pieces work pretty well year-round, but I think they come into their own in the springtime when we begin phasing out our puffers and UGGs for something, well, a little lighter.

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