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5 High-Fashion Outfits For Under £200

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Luxury fashion is prohibitively expensive, but it’s possible to look the part on a budget.

In theory, money gives you access to superior build quality, better fabrics and intriguing designs, but as we continue to question why luxury fashion is so expensive, it’s easy to see how this isn’t always the case. Designer brands are getting away with overcharging on simple items – a £200 T-shirt for example – which is becoming increasingly difficult to justify when you can pick up virtually the same item for ten times less on the high street, with little difference in quality.

Fashion has always been dictated by trends, but as high street brands are increasingly in tune with what’s happening on the runway, it’s easier than ever to replicate a look you may have seen in London, Paris, Milan or New York. And you won’t need the spend of a music mogul either.

Here’s how

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