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5 Must-Have Mens Winter Coats

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One is no fun. Of course, we’re talking about winter jackets. While a single style is limiting, gets kind of dull, and might even wear out prematurely, the weather’s relatively all over the place this time of year. As such, the garment you don when it’s hovering just around freezing won’t be the one you put on to shovel out the driveway, and the same jacket won’t always have the properties needed to stay dry through icy, stick-to-the-pavement rain. Yet, with guys opting to clear out cluttered wardrobes, you can have too much of a good thing – or, at least, too many items where you might only wear a jacket once or twice a year. So, you’re neither finding yourself short nor wishing you had fewer overcoats, here are your basic pieces of winter outerwear:

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