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6 Random Trends That Are 100% a Thing Right Now

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Welcome to peak fall. We’ve officially reached that point in the season where we’re wearing our sweaters and boots on repeat and, if you’re anything like us, maybe you’re even thinking ahead to winter. But before the season really changes we’re here to fill you in on the more specific but still noteworthy fall Instagram fashion trends happening all over our feeds right now. We had an idea that these items would become popular, but now we have the confirmation that they’re 100% a thing.

Seeing as fall 2020 is all about casual but cool looks and comfy staples, these trend pieces are on the easy-to-wear end of the fashion spectrum. Think sweaters to throw on with jeans, fun flats, and relaxed silhouettes. Each of the six trends we’re calling out below kind of popped up out of nowhere but are now impossible to ignore, so read through our report and shop our favorite picks. You know, before all your friends do.

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