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6 Things I Want to Buy In 2020 Thanks to the Epic Jacquemus Show

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From now until March catwalk images will land in my inbox on the hour, as there is a packed schedule of brands presenting what they have in store for autumn 2019. Like all fashion editors I am always looking forward, but at Who What Wear we tend to write about what people are wearing now and what you can buy now, rather than in eight months time. However every so often a collection comes along that is so epic, that it instantly impacts how we want to dress. This happened this weekend with Jacquemus.

Simon Porte Jacquemus knows how to get the attention of the Instagram generation, whether that’s via a mini bag that can house little else than a two pence coin or by installing a runway into a lavender field in Provence. This weekend’s show once again caused a tidal wave on Instagram—and for a moment before Brad Pitt held Jennifer Aniston’s wrist, the Hadids in Jacquemus linen was all that was on my feed. 

The shareability of this collection had nothing to do with gimmicks, but was simply down to how great the clothes looked. This is minimalism at its best, proving that simple outfits can make the same impact as any loud print or bold colour. The collection included many Jacquemus hero designs, such as backless dresses and statement sandals, but it felt innovative thanks to new styling twists and the biscuit, sage green and ivory colour palette.

Keep scrolling to see the six things I want to buy thanks to the Jacquemus show. 

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