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7 Outfits That Are Super Easy to Put Together in This In-Between Period

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The time between Boxing Day and the 31st of December is a no man’s land of cold roast potatoes, cheese boards, the Quality Streets that no one likes and someone uttering the phrase “I don’t even know what day it is.” There is rarely any need to get dressed properly because let’s be honest, you just want to go from a comfy outfit to pyjamas and back to a comfy outfit again. The conundrum here is how do you make it fashion? What kind of easy-to-put-together outfits are ideal for third helpings of leftovers but will also mean you still look good in case someone (and there’s always someone) pops round for an impromptu festive cup of tea?

As usual, Instagram comes to the rescue, thanks to the array of impeccably dressed influencers who make the ultimate dressed down outfit look chic. Don’t believe me? There’s Pernille Teisbaek whose pairing of a grey trackie with a long fitted coat is one I’ll be emulating. Then there’s new favourite Stacey Dooley who wears her slouchy trousers with sneakers and a fabulous leopard-print coat. While most are super comfy, I’ve added in a couple that are a bit smarter, just in case you need to actually, you know, leave the house. See these plus other perfect outfit ideas for that in-between period.

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