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7 Stylish Nail-Art Looks That Are Shockingly Easy to Re-Create

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Nothing compares to the feeling of emerging from the salon with freshly painted nails. They may be small, but there’s something about having elegantly manicured talons that makes you feel more confident (not to mention significantly fancier). The only downside? The expense—particularly when you bring nail art into the equation. 

While the steady hand, creative flair and keen eye of your nail-art technician is undoubtedly worth every penny, keeping regular salon appointments can be costly. Which is why it’s worth practising some looks at home which will appease your nail-art craving between appointments. 

Nail art is known for being difficult to master, and that’s certainly true of some designs. There are, however, some options that’ll look as if they’ve been created by an expert hand when, in reality, you were able to whip them up from the comfort of your own home. 

Whether you prefer pared-back nail art or have a penchant for ultra-bright hues, with a little outside-the-box thinking, we’ve whittled down seven easy nail-art designs for you to experiment with in your downtime. 

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