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8 Summer Trends I Love But My Husband Hates

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Dramatic sleeves. Over-the-top collars with embroidery. Itty-bitty-teeny-tiny bags, just because. Colorful and crafty jewelry that’s smile-inducing. Right now, we’re all just trying to find the joy in things, and for me, that’s summer and the fresh batch of trends that come with it.

Think about it: You’re basically getting a new opportunity to choose your own adventure when it comes to getting dressed. While I love experimenting with new styles, I mostly wear things I know I love that make me feel my best—even if those things don’t vibe well with my husband. Not that I need his approval by any means; I’m just amused by his take on the seasonal trends I love and he, well, hates. No amount of hate on his part will get in the way of me wearing what I want when I want, but since we all could use a laugh these days, I thought it was only appropriate to share my husband’s commentary (it’s gold) on the eight summer trends I’m totally into that he despises.

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