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According to Two Celeb Makeup Artists, We’re All Applying Blush Incorrectly

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Should blush be included in your everyday, no-makeup makeup look? Celebrity makeup artist and on-air beauty expert Ashlee Glazer thinks so. “Blush is my favourite makeup product on every woman. It is the most flattering look for all ages. The universal goal is to add a touch of colour, brighten up your complexion and add softness to your overall look no matter what face shape you are,” says Glazer. We’re sold.

Additionally, when it comes to getting the perfect flush, the application process is everything. Lisa Aharon, a celebrity makeup artist whose clients include Rachel Brosnahan, Florence Welch, Gwyneth Paltrow and Anna Kendrick, has a few tricks up her sleeve. “You can use your fingers (make sure they’re clean), a sponge, or a brush, depending on your comfort level and the type of blush you’re using,” says Aharon. “I like to tap or press in the blush so that it deposits the colour evenly. If you need to blend it in further, use a foundation brush with a tiny bit of product patted on top. It becomes one with the skin this way,” she explains.

Ready for one last universal pro tip? Glazer swears her go-to blush trick will change your cheeks/face/life: “Place the two forefingers on the side of the nose and sweep up and out from the outside finger. It is flattering on everyone!”

Now, find specific tips for your face shape below:

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