AKAS Tex Increases Knitting Capability

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BENSALEM, Pa. — December 28, 2020 — Pennsylvania-based textile manufacturer AKAS Tex announces a significant increase in their knitting capacity.

Due to overwhelming demand of the fabrics which are used for Face Masks and Surgical Gowns, AKAS Tex has added 5 knitting machines in the year 2020.

Two machines are for the knitting of double knits like the ProCool® interlock, two machines for the knitting of the Zorb® Dimple spacer fabric and one machine for the TransWick® 1-Way Wicking fabric.

These 5 machines will add 200,300 lbs. per year to the existing knitting capacity and generate much needed employment.

Posted December 28, 2020

Source: AKAS Tex

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