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Black Friday Is the Best Time to Buy Beauty—20 Early Deals I’m Already Shopping

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First things first, there are things to consider when we’re buying new products. Let’s be honest: the beauty industry encourages us to buy more and more, and it can be tempting to go overboard when the latest hair tools or LED face mask goes on sale. But as a beauty editor, I try to advise people to buy less, especially around this time of the year. In light of Black Friday this might be a controversial thing to say, but I encourage everyone to make considered purchases and only buy products that are suited to them and their needs. Buyer’s remorse is real, and no one wants to be left with an expensive serum that doesn’t work for them, right?

That being said, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the times to strike if you’ve had your eye on a new beauty product or if you want to stock up on an old favourite. Either way now is the time to add to your basket. Below, I’ve rounded up the best beauty brands and products that I hope will end up in the sales, as well as the best Black Friday beauty deals of 2023 to shop right now.

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