Cambodian protestors warned against future demonstrations

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PHNOM PENH – Cambodia’s Justice Ministry has warned that activists which defy a ban on holding protests to demand the release of prominent union leader Rong Chhun could face a similar fate, after protestors clashed with police outside of Phnom Penh’s municipal court.

On the ground, tensions remain high after former politician with the now-dissolved Cambodia Nation Rescue Party (CNRP), Rong Chhun was arrested for “incitement” over comments he made on the radio about Vietnam encroaching on the country’s borders.

It’s Cambodia’s oppressive approach to freedom of speech that’s landed the country with a partial suspension from the European Union’s Everything But Arms (EBA) scheme, that’s due to come into force next week. Though native trade bodies are calling for its delay due to the effects of COVID-19, NGOs globally have backed the EU to hold strong in hope that it can influence drastic changes in the nation.

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