Canopy reveals 2020 Hot Button rankings

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VANCOUVER – Environmental non-profit Canopy has revealed its 2020 Hot Button rankings of the work of global viscose producers to protect ancient and endangered forests.

The list shows a significant jump in the volume of man-made cellulosic fibre (MMCF) manufactured by producers with ‘green shirt’ rankings with these manufacturers accounting for 52 per cent of quantities globally.

Companies earn their rankings by being awarded ‘green buttons’ for completion of CanopyStyle audits, contributions to conservation, using new alternative fibres, robust sourcing policies, transparency and traceability, and sustainable sourcing, with buttons removed for any associations with sourcing from ancient and endangered forests.

The increasing alignment with the goals of the Canopy initiative, which challenges suppliers to eradicate wood sourced from these most vulnerable of forests, is perhaps best demonstrated with the news that Aditya Birla and Lenzing have obtained the first ever ‘dark green’ shirts for their scores of 33 and 30.5 buttons, respectively.

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