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CBD Oil Extra Boost

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We all need a bit of a pick-me-up every so often. We reach for the strong coffee or, heaven forbid, one of a large variety of chemical heavy energy drinks. After a few sips, the energy boost kicks in: heart rates begin to beat a faster rhythm, and focus and motivation sharpen noticeably. It gets us through the day and keeps us productive. However, this is quite an untenable way to boost your energy. Most energy drinks rely on stimulants like caffeine or taurine. If nothing else, our bodies adapt to these over time, so we then need to take mega-doses just to remain at equilibrium, and adding to our energy levels takes even more on top of this. In addition, it’s unhealthy to put your heart through such a large amount of stimulant use. Dehydration occurs as a result of the diuretic nature of many stimulants, and we ultimately burn ourselves out.

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