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Celebrity Sightings Have Been Rare in 2020, But Here Are 23 Outfits I Love

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As events have been cancelled around the world, we have seen very little of the celebrities that are usually photographed weekly. However, as social distancing starts to relax and more people venture outdoors, we are starting to see more A-list styling choices. There have been several standout looks this summer, from Kendall Jenner’s £89 House of Sunny dress to Katie Homes’ vest top and jeans winner. 

As red carpets are still on pause, instead of elaborate gowns the celebrity outfits we are seeing this summer are more relaxed, every day looks that we are more likely to be able to recreate ourselves. When it comes to throw-on appeal, you can’t beat a summer dress, and so most of the outfits on this list involve a breezy slip, midi or mini dress. Keep scrolling to see what Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and more are wearing this summer.

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