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Chrissy Teigen Wore the #1 Holiday Party Trend in the Most Casual Way

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Who would’ve ever thought we’d have a year without holiday parties, but here we are. If you miss getting dressed up in your most festive attire and drinking mulled wine while you make small talk, you’re not alone. But alas, we must find other ways to celebrate the season this year. And if you take a cue from Chrissy Teigen, you can also find other ways to wear your festive attire.

2020 has undoubtedly been the year of the matching set, which can come in many forms besides a sweatsuit. Teigen, for one, opted for a velvet one. Swathing ourselves in velvet is usually the norm during holiday party season, and if you miss the popular fabric, follow Teigen’s lead and wear it anyway. You might want to gravitate toward more loungewear-inspired velvet pieces though, so you can wear them on the couch and to walk to the mailbox.

Scroll to see Teigen bathed in purple velvet and shop comfortable velvet pieces for your new-era winter wardrobe.

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