Cone Denim adopts Oritain’s tracing tech

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GREENSBORO – Cone Denim, of the Elevate Textiles Group which also owns American & Efird and Burlington, has partnered with supply chain traceability specialist Oritain to validate the end-to-end authenticity of the cotton it uses. 

Oritain’s method, unlike others which often require molecular tags or sprays, detects naturally occurring elements in the cotton it tracks – otherwise known as Origin Fingerprints – which can be influenced by factors like soil composition and other environmental conditions.

Of the partnership, Cone Denim president Steve Maggard, said: “Innovation and sustainability are as integral to our company as is the cotton in our denims. Traceability and sustainability are no longer just industry buzzwords but strong-held values fast becoming the gold standard for our customers and the consumer.”

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