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Desperate for a Pedi? These Are the Best Foot Creams to Tide You Over

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This week, the government finally announced that salons can reopen and that they are allowed to offer manicures and pedicures once more. Frankly, I couldn’t be more overjoyed. Months of neglect has left my nails looking seriously worse for wear and there’s no doubt that they could benefit from some professional pruning. And, while I am certainly itching to get back to the nail bar and have book in for some chic nail art, it’s actually the prospect of a pedicure that has me most excited.

As outdoor activities and general socialising are becoming a more regular part of my life, and I’m slipping on my summer sandals more and more, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the state of my feet. You see, whereas the lead up to summer would usually involve a trip to the salon for a pedicure (or even an appointment with the chiropodist) to get my toes ready for sandal season, this year I had to go without. And it shows. My feet are dry, cracked and generally worse for wear.

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