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There are some unexpected effects that come with working out, especially if you have been dormant for a while. And I don’t just mean a leaner frame, or an improved ability to do 5 burpees in a row. Have you ever worked out so hard that lifting your phone suddenly feels like the biggest challenge that you will ever endure in life? I’ve been there and I know exactly how you feel. For years, I was what you call a yo-yo dieter, bouncing from one diet to the next hoping that my weight would finally drop. I’d always succeed for the first few weeks but as you can expect, life would get in the way; deadlines, meetings, meet-ups and I’d find myself right back where I started. Months later, I would resume my workouts only to quit upon realising that both my mind and body had to acclimatise to the process each time I quit. After years of going back and forth, I finally decided to commit and after about 4 months of consistency, I finally began noticing a change in my physique, as well as attitude. I will never forget how great I felt the first time I walked out of a spinning class thinking, hmm, not so bad.

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