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Emily Ratajkowski’s Boots-and-Jeans Combo Couldn’t Be More London

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Black boots are great and everything but have you considered just how versatile brown boots are? They’re less eye catching than darker hues and work with jeans and dresses just as well. But the main thing I love about them is that they’re more day friendly. Black boots can sometimes feel a bit too special and attention grabbing. Like the fashion equivalent of wearing brown eyeliner instead of black for when you want a more pared-back look. Emily Ratajkowski knows this to be true (well, I’m assuming she does) as she stepped out for a dog walk wearing a pair of fantastic square-toed Zara boots with a pair of high waisted blue jeans, a white roll neck and a light brown blazer. The overall look was the perfect autumnal outfit, which we’ve seen all over London recently, and one I’m going to copy immediately. Of course, Em Rata has form when it comes to knowing how to spot a good pair of boots, so keep scrolling for her Zara boots ensemble and then keep going for more of her boots. 

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