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Essential Menswear Prints

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Supporters of true minimalist menswear will proclaim that prints are superfluous. Any man should be able to get by on solids, preferably in neutral shades. But, seriously, where’s the fun in that? And, considering the pace at which menswear has progressed over the past 15 years, you’re missing out. Yes, you’re following classic style to a T, but it’s also a tad ascetic. To use a food metaphor, it’s all meat and potatoes. You get nourished and feel full, but a slice of pineapple, a cutup bell pepper, and even the occasional piece of cake adds some variety and breaks up the day-to-day starchy, protein-heavy monotony. So, your navy chinos and your blue shirts get you through and deliver a foundation that lasts far longer than the latest trend. But, from here into similar grey, white, and tan garments, you’ve developed a comfortable but too-cloistered spectrum. You have to venture out. A bright solid shade is the first step. Then, it’s onto prints.

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