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Every One of Madewell’s 95 Sweaters Is on Sale, But I’d Only Buy These 17

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This doozy of a week has felt like a year, hasn’t it? In case you’re looking for a distraction, Madewell has provided us with a lovely one. From now until the end of Sunday, November 8, all sweaters and boots are 30% off with the code MUSTHAVES. There are some great boots for sure, but I’ve been a sucker for Madewell’s sweaters for years. They always hit on all the trends of any given season, have plenty of options for every type of climate, and they keep the price points low, even when there isn’t a sale on.

Madewell has been having some epic sales in general recently, but given my aforementioned affinity for their sweaters, this one really caught my attention. And with many of them already less than $100, the deals here are significant. At press time, there are 95 styles to choose from so I narrowed it way down and present to you my TK favorites. Let’s get to it, shall we?

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