Fashion For Good resumes polybag recycling project

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LONDON – Global fashion sustainability initiative Fashion For Good (FFG) has announced the resumption of its Polybag Collection Scheme pilot in London, through which UK recycler First Mile will work to drastically improve the city’s infrastructure for apparel recycling.  

The pilot initiative, which is part of FFG’s broader Plastics Packaging Project, was brought to a pause shortly after its inception in February due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

“It’s encouraging to see continued commitment to sustainability and innovation despite these unprecedented times,” commented Katrin Ley, Fashion For Good’s managing director. “To tackle polybag packaging waste, we need the fashion industry working together to make a closed-loop system a reality; to commit to making current polybags more recyclable, supporting innovation in recycling, and crucially, focusing on systems for the collection of polybags at all places that polybag waste is generated.”

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