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From Rosie to Margot, Here Are 12 New Celeb Outfits I’d Actually Wear IRL

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Celebrity style has evolved a lot over the past few years. I remember when it was considered industry suicide to even admit you had a stylist (now the stylists are celebs in their own right!) or when best-dressed galleries would only be filled with carefully orchestrated red carpet moments and high profile celebs daren’t touch anything from the high street.

Nowadays, things have eased up a little: We’re used to seeing our favourite A-listers post their downtime outfits on Instagram, share candid snaps from their holidays or not be fearful of the fashion police knocking down their door just because they chose to wear—shock, horror—flat shoes or a loose-fitting dress, or something that they’ve been seen in a hundred times before. These are all things that were once derided but are now wholeheartedly celebrated (at least they are within the confines of the Who What Wear UK office, anyway).

So rather than offer you a stream of celebrity outfits you’d never be able to achieve at home, this July, we’re providing the coolest, most transferable looks from stylish women across the globe. Whether that’s a Kardashian sister who has mastered the art of minimalism, the latest Alexa Chung look that’s ripe for the weekend or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s chic accessorising. Keep on scrolling…

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