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From Rosie to Selena, We Want to Copy These 10 Celeb Outfits This August

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When you have the entirety of the world’s wardrobes at your beck and call, it makes the pieces you actually decide to wear pretty special indeed. This is how we view celebrity outfits. For an A-lister to have worn a garment must mean they really, really like it—and that’s the purest form of shopping inspiration we can think of.

As such, we decided to turn our attention to what celebrities are wearing right now, at this very moment, in August. Ordinarily, this transeasonal period can prove difficult to dress for, but with these stars as your guide, rest assured you’ll see out the summer and usher in autumn/winter 2019 in style.

From a standout dress by one of our all-time favourite dress brands to the sandals poised to go cult status, keep scrolling to see the best-dressed celebrities of August 2019, and then shop their exact pieces.

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