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Genevieve Sweeney Knitwear Brand

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Genevieve Sweeney is a premium British knitwear label that truly emphases the high level of skills and quality of knitwear manufacturing in the British Isles. The brand fuses contemporary design with innovative technical processes and embraces heritage skills found in the Scottish Borders. Made exclusively in the UK, Genevieve is writing a new chapter for the knitwear industry, marrying contemporary design with exceptional hand finishes. Indebted to the time-honoured techniques of artisan makers, the brand has reimagined the possibilities of knitwear. While working in knitwear design and development for luxury brands across the globe, Genevieve gained a unique insight into the dialogue between designer and maker. Inspired by the relationships she built with local British mills and suppliers; the Genevieve Sweeney brand was born.

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