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Staying fit requires you to make a decision to stay committed to this journey to fitness. This may not be the easiest decision to make and you will encounter challenges in the process. Getting fit has many benefits such as improving the confidence in your physical appearance which will boost your self-esteem. Being fit also reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension significantly and is one form of treatment for people who already have these diseases. Fitness also increases longevity because it strengthens the immune system. You will be able to fall asleep faster and achieve a deeper sleep when you stay fit. Getting enough sleep is also good for your mental health because it helps in stress management and in reducing anxiety. The blood flow to the brain also increases when you are doing exercise and this improves your cognition and concentration. Another benefit of being in shape is that you lose weight and get to the body shape that you are comfortable with and is healthy for you.

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