Giant Group optimizes finishing process using Dovoy silicone softener

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Giant Textile Limited is a subsidiary concern of Knitwear Products of Giant Group established in 2011 in Bangladesh. It is well known for its huge capacity for fabric manufacturing, dyeing, and finishing processes and sustainable practices in manufacturing processes. Giant Textile Limited’s dyeing capacity is around 25 tones per day, the finishing capacity is 22 tones per day, and the sewing capacity is 4.5 lakh pieces per month.

Giant Group optimizes finishing process using Dovoy silicone softener
Figure 1: Textile Today FT Research team with Giant Group.

Giant Group has always been at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing practices that reduce the environmental, social, and economic impacts of their manufacturing processes as there is a visionary leadership of Faruque Hassan, Managing Director and President of Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association. Technology is one of the success factors in achieving sustainability goals for Giant Group as well as improving profitability. Giant Group effectively uses state-of-the-art technology in its facilities to achieve sustainability with the aim of reducing waste, conserving energy and water use, and improving productivity and efficiency.

“For Bangladesh’s textile industry sustainability is a very broad and complex term. So it is important to think about our nature, environment, and people which requires us to produce smartly and leave a better world for future generations. At Giant Group we believe in saving for the future and leaving for the next generation. Giant Textiles Limited was formed with sustainability in mind. At Giant Textile we believe in the 3Rs (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse) so our infrastructure is designed in such a way that we can reduce the waste generated from the textile industry,” said Azfar Hassan, Director of Giant Group.

Giant Group optimizes finishing process using Dovoy silicone softener
Figure 2: Azfar Hassan, Director of Giant Group

Technology is a big factor in resource conservation. Advanced technology allows resources to be used more effectively. Resource depletion is a major concern around the world and it is now the biggest problem in our country. Bangladesh is currently experiencing a major energy crisis, which has a shortage of gas, and other primary energies for the industry. Additionally, extensive use of groundwater for textile manufacturing processes depletes groundwater resources.

Many textile dyeing mills discharge untreated wastewater into the environment after using groundwater resulting in extreme water pollution and groundwater depletion. Water consumption can be reduced through advanced technology. Giant group is opting for advanced technological chemicals that can be used to save energy using less water at lower temperatures.

Giant Group has recently optimized the finishing process by using ‘Dovoy Silicone Softener’. The finishing process is an important part of Bangladesh’s textile industry for value addition. The textile industry uses various types of softeners such as cationic or anionic softeners to improve the hand feel of the fabric. However, manufacturing facilities face many compatibility issues such as whether the softeners can be used at high temperatures and whether the emulsion stability is adequate. Giant Textile Ltd. is using Dovosil Micro N 66 to improve the finishing process and reduce problems during the finishing process.

Md. Anworul Haq Ripon, GM- Fabric Division, Giant Textile Ltd. said, “We have found effective results from this softener on both hard colors and white fabrics after many tests. Also, it takes less dosage than other conventional softeners, has less shade variation, and is user-friendly due to its liquid form. Now, we don’t have any issues like spots or shade variation anymore. Now our buyers know us as the best supplier for the best fabric quality.”

Giant Group optimizes finishing process using Dovoy silicone softener
Figure 3: Md. Anworul Haq Ripon, GM- Fabric Division, Giant Textile Ltd.

Finishing processes vary for cationic and anionic softeners, but the non-ionic properties of Dovosil Micro N series softeners require no additional process setup. This softener has versatile properties for both colored and white fabrics. With new-age block polymer technology, Dovoy’s range of silicone softeners provides added softness and smoothness to the surface of fabrics and textile substrates. In addition to improving tear strength, ensure a silky soft handle, moisture management, elasticity, bulkiness, and fabric thickness.

Dovoy strives to work with companies like the Giant Group that is committed to reducing waste, promoting recycling, reducing energy use, reducing harmful emissions, and, where possible, caring for and protecting the environment.  There will be no spotting issue on the fabric because this softener has high emulsion stability.

Also, this softener can withstand temperatures up to 250°C, pH up to 14, and can also be used in jet machines. This softener complies with every certification (eg ZDHC Level 3, GOTS 6.0, OEKO-TEX®, etc.) required by the export-oriented industry.

“There are no compatibility issues with Dovoy’s silicone softener. Manufacturers are very satisfied with this product because it is very user-friendly and economical as well, so basically there is a good future scope for this softener for textile manufacturers in Bangladesh,” said Sahil Hans, Business Development Manager, Dovoy Group.

Giant Group
Figure 4: Sahil Hans, Business Development Manager, Dovoy Group.

Dovosil Micro N 66 is a block polymer-based nano silicon with an excellent surface feel. Block polymer nanoparticle silicones are designed to give soft, fluffy handles on whites and light-sensitive shades of textiles. It improves dimensional stability during drainage and padding.

It passes the anti-phenolic yellow test on whites. The anti-phenolic yellowing agent can not fade and yellow in a light color and fluorescent whitening products and can achieve a favorable anti-yellowing effect at low temperatures.

Md. Abul Hasnath, Finishing In Charge, Giant Textile Ltd. 
Figure 5: Md. Abul Hasnath, Finishing In Charge, Giant Textile Ltd.

“Dovoy’s softener has an anti-phenolic effect with the best hand-feel properties for all types of fabric cotton, polyester, or spandex,” said Md. Abul Hasnath, Finishing In Charge, Giant Textile Ltd.

Such process innovation and advanced technology can help achieve sustainability goals. Also, this technology will keep productivity stable during ongoing power shortages across the country.

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