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If it’s not a T-shirt, pullover, or sweater, it’s not a button-front shirt, right? Not quite. Buttoned, collared garments characterise most of our wardrobes, but double-notch or camp collars and polos stand out in categories of their own. Dress shirts, stiff collared and with a series of buttons, are also too specific: Unless you’ve worked in a formal, traditional office environment, how often do you really sport this garment? Our guess: a couple times per year at best. For our purposes here, button-front shirts are synonymous with Oxfords. Sometimes, they’re a crisp white; at others, stripes or a pattern covers its surface. Whatever your preference, they’re in weekly rotation, no matter where you go or what you do. Many of us know what it’s like to wear an Oxford that’s not quite “right.” Perhaps the hem narrows too close to the hips, or extra fabric balloons around the arms. Or, that slim fit is extra-fitted, leaving marks and feeling constricted around your biceps. Then, there’s the whole issue of ironing and fabric quality.

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