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Goop Launches Menswear Line G Label

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It’s so easy to make fun of Goop’s frou-frou wellness, but numbers don’t lie. The lifestyle empire started 11 years ago by Gwyneth Paltrow is now worth $250 million and only plans to expand. As part of that mission, men are finally being brought into the fold. Based on statements made in WWD, Goop’s readership skews nearly one-quarter male (23 percent, to be exact), and at health summits it’s not uncommon to see husbands accompanying their wives. Beyond just talk, Goop’s strategy is already unfolding, through a monthly newsletter geared toward men; a podcast titled Goopfellas; and a new menswear line, G. Label Men, which comes at the heels of its new swimwear line. All, to some degree, capitalise on the burgeoning grooming industry and the notion that men ought to be taking care of themselves through diet and lifestyle changes.

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