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Guide to Socks

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When we speak of socks we can honestly say that although they may appear as a comparatively small and inconspicuous item of clothing, they definitely are an essential piece of menswear. It is rather interesting to see how somehow we pay so little attention to them and yet they’re central to our overall comfort. A pair of socks don’t just cover and keep your feet warm, protect them from abrasion, soak up your perspiration, or ensure shoes that are slightly too big actually fit. They make or break your outfit too. Well, just a few years back it was simpler. Menswear was not as popular then as it is now – even a pair of striped socks made a tremendous fashion statement. That’s if you could find a pair of striped or bold-coloured socks in the first place. Today, finding a bold pattern pair of socks is much easier e.g. you can subscribe to a Sock of the Month Club to help you stand out from the crowd.

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