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Hailey Bieber Just Tried What I Call the “Parisian Tuck”

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I know the “French tuck” is actually when you half-tuck a shirt into a pair of jeans, but I’d like to offer a new styling term—the “Parisian tuck.” This is when you tuck a fine knit cardigan fully into the waistband of your jeans, with the cardigan buttoned up to the top with nothing underneath. I follow a lot of Parisian influencers on Instagram, and this is a popular styling move practiced by the likes of Jeanne Damas and Adenorah.

Yesterday, Hailey Bieber gave the Parisian tuck a go, wearing a cosy beige cardigan with tiny buttons, tucked into a pair of high-waisted straight leg jeans. The key to getting this look right is to make sure the jeans go up to your waist, and that the cardigan is fine enough to tuck in neatly. The cardigan doesn’t have to be classic, however, as Jeanne Damas often wears this with printed or statement cardigans but keeps her footwear and jeans very simple.

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