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Heidi Klum Just Told Me Her Beauty Secrets, and I’m Kind of in Awe

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If many years of being a beauty editor and interviewing some of the world’s most beautiful models has taught me one thing, it’s this: Genetics count for a lot. So many times in my career have I sat down to quiz supermodels with buttery complexions, thick, luscious lengths and perfectly made-up faces on their beauty secrets and have come away with no real insights at all. Because the truth is, so much of it is down to genetics. In fact, one supermodel I spoke to a few years ago informed she simply washes her face with a splash of tap water in the morning and she’s good to go.

More often than not, I would walk away feeling hard done by and wondering where I could be going wrong with my own beauty routine. It poses the question: How is it possible that all of these beautiful women that I deem icons can have such a disregard for beauty products themselves? So, after many years of feeling let down, I had started to feel a bit deflated (call me a cynic). But then, last week, I found myself sat down with Heidi Klum (via Zoom, of course) chatting about her life-long relationship with beauty, and I found myself fully captivated.

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