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Helen Farr-Leander Watson Wolfe

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The Watson & Wolfe story started in 2016 when their intention was to use genuine leather. The business boasts a wealth of experience within the luxury leather industry, so this was a very natural path for them to take. It was during the research and development phase in 2017 that they uncovered the facts and saw the reality of the leather industry. The demand for leather continues to grow and as a result we continue to cause damage to people, rivers and ecosystems. This was a turning point for founder Helen Farr-Leander who decided to change direction completely. The brand now believes they have an opportunity to produce a product range that is not only safer for people, but more environmentally-friendly for our planet, and which challenges the leather and luxury goods industries as we know them. Their collections are made in a small boutique factory that has a long history of producing the highest quality accessories for luxury brands all over the world. Using the same traditional crafting techniques, they produce a superior product which is cruelty-free and sustainable. By using superior quality materials from eco-conscious suppliers, and fine craftsmanship, they hope to encourage more men to shop sustainably.

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