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Holly Willoughby’s Stylist Just Gave Me the Best Fashion Advice

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As a fashion editor, I’ve prided myself on being sure of my style. But as the weeks have gone on and I’m still working from home, I’m not embarrassed to admit I’m a bit confused about my wardrobe right now. (Okay, so we’re not in full lockdown anymore, and being outside is a much more realistic pass time, but I’m still not wearing the same clothes as I used to.) Even if you’re already back at your usual desk in the office, restaurants, pubs and bars are still a no-go, so there’s little opportunity to dress up. While I occasionally wear dresses, I’m still finding that I’m turning to the more comfortable items. But how do you make that look cool? Speak to a stylist whose wardrobe you love. 

Angie Smith might not be a name you know immediately. But she’s the reason why Holly Willoughby looks so great on This Morning and why we’re often left coveting the TV presenter’s outfit. If you didn’t already gather, Smith is a stylist and an incredible one at that. But it’s not just her clients who look good, she also has an enviable wardrobe herself. Since lockdown started, I’ve spent even more time than usual on Instagram (no, I will not be looking at how much time I spend on the app). And a lot of that time on Instagram is spent looking on accounts of cool women who have managed to adapt their style effortlessly and Smith is one of those women. I spoke to her on how her wardrobe has changed, what her best advice for getting dressed right now is, and which brands she rates. Time to get your notepad out…

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