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How to Shop for Swimwear Online, According to Swim Designers

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It is no secret that most people dread the shopping experience of buying new swimwear. The item is notoriously one of the most difficult wardrobe staples to shop for. Given the pandemic, despite the fact retail stores have reopened, this year, many of us are choosing to shop for swimwear online instead of in person. And for many of us, myself included, it will be the first time embarking on this somewhat daunting experience. 

Given my trepidation, I decided to check in with a few experts to better understand the best way to shop for swimwear online. Speaking to the designers behind up-and-coming brands AckHunza G and Gyko, I asked for the top tips on ensuring you find swimwear that not only fits but also flatters.

From using Instagram to browse bikinis on different body shapes to engaging with a website’s online chat function and ensuring you get a 360-degree view of the item, the advice I received was both useful and extremely practical. That’s why they are the experts, after all.  Keep scrolling for three designers’ advice on the best way to shop for swimwear online. 

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