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How Victoria Beckham has Been Wearing Her Weird New Shoe Obsession

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Victoria Beckham‘s label is all about making getting dressed in the morning easier, with crowd-pleasing silhouettes with gentle nods to trends, rather than anything too experimental. However in her autumn/ winter 2019 collection VB paired many of her outfits with a strange choice of footwear— over-the-knee heeled boots with a peep toe, drawing the eye to the exposed big toe. In her fashion week show these boots were worn with everything from knee-length skirts to pretty floral midi dresses. Ever a loyal ambassador of the brand, Victoria has already started wearing the toe-flashing boots with a vengeance. 

This week VB wore them twice, wearing her postbox red stilettos— which are very tight on the leg with an almost leggings effect— with a black pleated midi skirt and a checked shirt. She then wore the boots with high-waisted navy leggings, a bodysuit and a black trench. Earlier in the year, Victoria has worn her peep-toes with depths-of-winter outfits, showing these aren’t just a trans-seasonal shoe. It might sound like an unpopular shoe— but if anyone can make a skintight peep-toe boot mainstream, it’s Victoria Beckham. 

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