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I Found the 18 Best Sweatpants on All of Nordstrom

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I’m fully aware that there are a million articles about sweatpants on the internet this year and the market is oversaturated, but this one is important…relatively speaking. If you’ve looked at Nordstrom’s sweatpants selection lately, it is rich, and also overwhelming. But I’m not intimidated by 366 pairs of sweatpants, so let’s tackle this pile of fleecy loungewear together.

As per usual with Nordstrom, the beauty of it is that there’s tons of variety, high-end and low-end brands coexist, and Nordstrom shoppers love to write reviews. The folks at Nordstrom also know what their customers want, so they’ve stocked the loungewear section with tons of sweatpants options to choose from. Whether you want a pair that’s more polished and tailored or one that will keep you especially cozy on the couch, of course Nordstrom has is. To make it a little easier, I chose 18 pairs that really excel. Scroll for extreme comfort.


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