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I Just Cleared Out My Entire Beauty Collection—Here’s What I Kept

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There are significant perks to being a beauty editor. Getting to play with makeup all day is one; being privy to some of the most well-kept industry secrets is another. The most obvious, however, is the fact that we are constantly surrounded by the latest products. Whether it’s the latest serum or mascara, you better believe we’ve tried every last thing that we recommend. And it truly is a wonderful thing.

Over the last few months, however, we beauty editors have found ourselves in a bit of a conundrum. You see, part of our job is receiving numerous parcels a day, each containing the latest products so that we can test and review them for ourselves. And while this can be easily managed in an office environment where storage and recycling bins are aplenty, since working from home, the situation has got a little bit out of control.

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